one body

Do you assume that you get up in the morning…

…perform your morning routine, go to work, have lunch, then return home for an evening meal?

Are you taking your body for granted? Most of us do, until something goes wrong.

Accidental injury, age, unrelenting stress, pain, lack of sleep, poor diet, eating disorders, smoking, perpetual inactivity and alcohol are just a few things that can have a dramatic effect on the organs and tissues that are trying to keep you alive.

An incredible process, called homeostasis, is the body’s finely tuned balancing act that responds to whatever we subject our bodies to. A commonly known response is the production of insulin to deal with the food we have just eaten. It signals the liver & muscles to absorb sugar molecules from the blood. Every now and then there’s a hiccup and our body’s give an unexpected or undesirable response. In the case of the insulin feedback system, if it is disrupted we may suffer with diabetes until the equilibrium is restored and blood glucose levels are controlled.

In a nutshell, you only have one body and without it you’re going nowhere or suffer pain.

Have you thought about the house you’ve always wanted, the car of your dreams on the drive, children full of energy and fun in the garden but you are unable to enjoy the people and things around you as a result of stress induced anxiety. Bearing this in mind start your self-care routine right now, not tomorrow, today. If you need me to give you a nudge and you’re not local, there’s always internet video calling.

Begin by identifying an emotion that may be causing a problem. If you need help to identify what’s affecting you talk to someone you trust or contact a counsellor or talking therapist even if it’s only for a couple of sessions, just to help you get started. For the purposes of this newsletter let’s assume the emotion is anger induced stress, release it in a controlled manner. You could talk, write,sing or shout (in an appropriate environment), hit a punch bag if you have one to hand (I have 1 for my clients to use in the microgym), relax, meditate or you could even exercise. Find a solution that works for you, without hurting others in the process.

Take time to listen to your body and then be proactive. Become aware of its messages, don’t wait until your body breaks, look after it today.