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Bare Faced Beauty

Natural Bare Faced Beauty & Ready for Summer

March is in full swing and, despite the snow storms brought by the Beast from the East, it’s beginning to look a little like spring. The air is filled with the energy of change as we pass into the Goddess Season herself; the season of new life.

All around us, nature is emerging from it’s winter sleep. Flowers bloom, branches blossom and baby animals enter the world. The sun calls us out from our winter hibernations too and, with the longer evenings and lighter mornings, it’s hard not to feel uplifted and reinvigorated.

However, for women, it can be a difficult time of year. It’s around now that lady’s Magazines and TV ads start promoting their summer body exclusives and diet tips. They tell us what swimwear to buy and the best creams and serums to hide any minor imperfections we may be carrying around. It can be a time of great pressure for women everywhere to feel ashamed of the bodies that house them.

Put your Face on

I’m often struck by the conversations I have with clients about make-up routines. “Oh, I don’t ever go out without my face on” or “I’d hate anyone to see me in the morning before I’m wearing any make-up” they say. Why? I always ask. Why does it feel so exposing to be in the world without it?

The truth is, we come face-to-face every day with images which make us feel self-conscious. We suddenly stop seeing aging as a process of growing and developing our wisdom and instead concentrate on how invisible, how undesirable, women begin to feel as they grow older. We begin to use make-up as a mask to disguise us or to hide behind. We forget that every woman and every man shines with their own natural beauty, a beauty so often dampened when we build ourselves a second skin.

I ask women these questions not to cause shame but because I know some of the best ways to achieve a radiant, glowing complexion include exercise, drinking plenty of water, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, having a good night’s sleep and spending time bathing your skin in sunshine.

I ask clients how often they expose their bare faces to the sunshine, drinking up the vitamin D and allowing their natural skin pigment to become rosy or freckly. We don’t need a lot of sun but we do need some. I ask them about their diet and how much water they drink, whether they buy food in packets or cook from scratch using wholesome ingredients. We talk about the importance of listening to your body, learning how it communicates and how you can best fulfil its needs.

Feel Empowered

We are living in a world of mass communication, but  we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies. We’re living in a world of ease and leisure but the idea of cooking a meal from scratch is alien to many people. However, we’re also living in a world where we have more freedom of choice and better access to information than ever before. We can buy beautiful foods from around the world and have the option to choose a career and life path that bring us joy.

In short, we’re living at a time where it’s easier than ever to be empowered individuals with the capacity to gather knowledge and the flexibility to act on it.

I challenge you to emerge from Winter’s hibernation and blossom into Spring, oozing delicious femininity and natural beauty. Embrace the chance to turn your bare face to the sun, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and absorb the goodness of wholesome, health giving foods.

If you’re excited by this idea and want to join me and others on a nourishing journey, why not come along to our Nurture event on May 12th. You can find out more by following this link: bodylogiq/nurture

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