A little about me

My career initially involved working with computers, administration and finance.  This served a purpose of providing an income but as the years went on it became less rewarding and was just paying the bills. I was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day, drank far too much tea and coffee, had an inconsistent and incomplete diet and I was putting my body under so much stress that I was suffering  with headaches, stomach pains and eczema.  But much worse, I had a smokers cough and my lungs rattled when I breathed.

After a trip to the GP, to check out my lungs, I was told in no uncertain terms that I had to stop smoking or suffer the consequences. It took a lot of willpower and quite a long time for me to actually quit smoking, then nicotine substitute and not to be affected when people around were smoking. I wanted to be a tolerant ex-smoker. As a by-product, I piled on the pounds. This led me to the local gym and the start of my new career.

Karen Chappell

The hard bit is starting to exercise

Once you discover what you enjoy then it becomes easier and more fun (exercise is great for reducing stress & is first line of defence against depression). I grew to love group exercise, whether it was aerobics, pilates, weight training or yoga. When you see and feel the benefits of exercise it becomes easier to stick with it.  My mid-life career revolution was well underway.

I realised there was a gap in the market for people who may be overweight, don’t have the “right” clothes, have lost their confidence and those who just wanted to exercise but not in a gym environment or in front of mirrors.  Over the next few years I retrained as a counsellor, personal trainer and Pilates instructor, to help these clients.

Clients were self referring with upper back pain, lower back pain, shoulder and hip pain.  This guided me to more learning to help these people.  My new courses included biomechanic coach, massage & soft tissue therapist, back care specialist, SIRPA practitioner, exercise with neurological conditions and more recently EMMETT practitioner.

Over 10 years of training and 50 years of living have given me the skills the work with the whole person rather than one aspect.  I can cherry pick the most suitable therapy for the client at that moment in time.  I now focus on pain management, reduction and prevention.  This could be from a physical, neurological or emotional aspect.

I love my profession and the results

Using my unique Bodylogiq approach, I help professional women who are in physical and emotional pain to become pill and pain free – living their lives without limits!

Have a look at the testimonials and if you think I can help you please get in touch.

Look after yourself