How can something so gentle be so effective?

Working with relaxed muscles is essential, that’s why it feels gentle and very subtle. Effectiveness comes from working with the body.

Why do you offer multiple sessions?

1 session doesn’t always establish the cause of pain. 1 session may appear to be a quick fix, it offers relief from the symptoms but doesn’t always solve the problem.  The Bodylogiq approach seeks the cause of pain, reduces or eliminates pain and gives a solution should problems occurs in the future.

Can I have just 1 session?

The single sessions I offer are the initial complementary appointment and the quick body check.  I also offer existing clients an appointment just to ensure that everything is working well.  Finding the cause of pain usually takes more that 1 session.

How long does it take?

On average people get the best results between 6 and 10 session.  But some have great results after 2 sessions.  It depends on how long the condition has been in existence, whether prescribed movements and exercises have been achieved and how your body responds to change.

You have trained in many different areas do you apply one treatment at once?

The beauty about this approach is being able to select the best solution for the client at that moment in time.

How does being a counsellor help people like myself with back problems?

Some pain can be caused by emotional trauma affecting the body. Think about the effects of stress; some people tighten the muscles around the next and shoulders creating ‘coat hanger’ shoulders. If pain occurs in the neck and shoulders, talking therapies can help to modify stress levels and that releases muscular tension & pain.

How soon will I see results from your treatment?

That very much depends on how your body reacts, how well any prescribed movements are performed and how often. Changes may happen within days.

Will I need to make any changes to my lifestyle?

It depends upon what’s happening in your life and how activity affects the body. There may be recommended changes to assist change, but it’s your life and your choice.

Will I have to do lots of work in between sessions?

Not always, I may prescribe awareness and relaxation.  Movements are usually seated and gentle, you won’t be “working out”.

How often should I see you?

Initially it may be once a week, but usually I recommend once a fortnight. This gives the client time to become used to the movements and time for the body to adapt.

What problems can’t you help?

It may be easier to say that I work with chronic (long term) pain, postural realignment and stress.