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Nature, Nurture and Nourish

As many of you will have seen, on the 12th May, I’m running a self-care day in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside around Ulverscroft. It’s a day of activities designed to help you relax, recharge and leave feeling cared for and rejuvenated. One of the things we’ll be doing is creating lunch and snacks throughout the […]

Bare Faced Beauty

Natural Bare Faced Beauty & Ready for Summer March is in full swing and, despite the snow storms brought by the Beast from the East, it’s beginning to look a little like spring. The air is filled with the energy of change as we pass into the Goddess Season herself; the season of new life. […]

What is good posture and why do we want it?

Good posture is all to do with gravity and forces through your body, not just a sexy hip hike. Let’s start with the spine. The spine is the lynch pin around which the bones and soft tissue are assembled. It should have natural curves, front to back but not side to side. The spine is a […]

What does your posture say about you?

We all do it…. every now and again, we change our posture and slouch. When we feel anxious and want to retreat from the world, when we’re concentrating in front of a computer, or when we slide into that extra-large comfy sofa to relax after a hard day to read the latest magazine or book. “A […]