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flexibility is important too

Flexibility is important too


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“I have my old self back.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Cathie L

“The best thing about working with Karen, is her mind and body approach”

Val T.

“I felt the pain melt away”

Mel W.

“Incredible, awesome healing. Thank you!!”

Sarah T.

“Karen Chappell is quite simply a miracle worker!”

Sarah H.

“I don’t feel old anymore. Stiff and painful hips are a thing of the past.”

Chris J.

Val’s testimonial

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In conversation with Karen…

Listen to Susan chatting to Karen.

Susan had a limp for years and thought that she had to put up with it, that it couldn’t change.  With work, over time, she can now walk without a limp, which is lovely to see.